A little about me

Well seeing as I sort of introduced myself I think I will take the time to introduce myself now. I am a mother, a student, and a wife. I have 3 college degrees. Funny thing I dont work in any of them.  I cant do math. I love science and english. Im on my way to becoming a nurse. I have in total 6 kids and 2 grand kids. Now you are probably saying how can I be a grandma? Well my husband has 3 kids and 2 are older and have kids of their own. I love being a grandma.

I am married to a wonderful man. He is very supportive and caring. He takes care of me, my kids, the grand babies etc. I am a known hot head so he tends to keep me even keeled. He is more of the logical one and I am more of the spontaneous one. It makes for good conversation though! We talk about different things to include politics. We have the same view on them…sometimes….I dont think I ever met anyone like my husband. Seeing as this is my second marriage my ex husband could never compare to my husband. I love you hunny! My husband is the best thing in my life aside of the kids. Oh and hes very handsome too! Total plus!

I have 2 sisters and a brother. One sister is from my mother and one sister and my brother come from my biological dad. I am the oldest. I grew up in Massachusetts with my 2 cousins whom I refer to as my brothers because I didnt have brothers growing up. and to no avail I am the middle kid LOL funny how that works. I have a big Itlian family and family means everything to me. My family is a bit on the crazy side but I do love them all.

I have traveled up and down the east coast countless times. I have been as far west as TX. I now live in the midwest. People often wonder why I would come to the midwest. Well I didnt place myself here my ex husband and the US Army did. Which this place isnt really bad, it kind of reminds me a little of home. But I do miss the east coast sometimes and when I do sure as anything I see something on the news that makes me go… well I dont wanna move back just visit. Traveling is a pretty cool way to see the US. I hate flying by the way. I would rather spend a couple days driving than get on a plane if given the choice.

I like to think of myself as a go-getter, positive, outgoing, social butterfly, life long learner, a teacher, easy to get along with, pick up on things quickly, visual learner, multi-takser, stubborn at times, and head strong. If I had not developed these characteristics I honestly dont think I ever would have made it this far in life. Theres a lot of things that keep me going. #1 is the kids and coming in a close 2nd is my husband. I am also VERY unorganized. But my disorganization is what I call an organized disorganization. I know where everything is at if someone is looking for something and even though my notes may look crazy to someone else I understand them. I do have some weaknesses as does everyone.

Weakness tend to hold me back sometimes. I worry alot about everything. I dont like it when someone is mad at me. I dont need to be the center of attention but I tend to want more recognition than normal. I do have a mental disorder. I am bipolar, I have anxiety, and I have also been recently diagnosed with ADHD. (research it you will be surprised) These things sometimes stop me from doing the things I love to do the most. I have to studier harder at school work. I sometimes cant concentrate. This gets frustrating because I want to do something and I cant. I have a tendency sometimes to take on too much at once. This gets me introuble sometimes because I never complete a task or if I do its late.  I am working on my weaknesses though. These things take time to reverse. I will get there though. Noone is perfect and I deffinately am so NOT perfect. I am me and thats all I am required to be in life.

I have goals. I want to be a nurse. I have to overcome some of my weaknesses before I can achieve it though. I understand this which makes me different from others because some people can not accept they have to overcome weaknesses before moving in life. I keep thriving though. I work through each day and even so far in the furture I can see and plan my funeral. Weird huh? Well I am a worry wort so I just want to make sure my future will be secure and always have a plan A B C and even D in place.  Without all plans in place I think someone would get lost or make the wrong decision.

Even though I have great assets I also have weaknesses. This is a “normal” human response, its part of life. As long as we as people learn to grow and realize different things about ourselves we can set a goal and go after it regardless of what weaknesses or obstacles are in place at the time. Its kind of like being at a cross roads in life do you go left and go back to the way things were? Do you go right where you can make things better? Do you go straight where things will stay the same? Ultimately its a choice and one that needs to be made at some point in life. I personally have chosen going to the right. I want things to be better. But I have to do the work. Without hard work and perserverance things cant get better. I have learned a long time ago you only have yourself to depend on when it truely counts. If you cant make it work keep trying. In life we go 2 steps forward and always 5 steps back. Not this time! Im going forward all the way. which is why I chose to do this type of blog. Its to air everything out and heal inorder to move forward.

Anyways this is a little about me 🙂 Til later!


Thanks for your thoughts!

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